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What Sets Us Apart

Lifetimes of Beautifully Healthy Smiles

At White Bear Lake Orthodontics, Dr. Tamara Smith and her team improve oral health and create radiant smiles, one person at a time!

Ours is a welcoming, family-friendly practice, offering high-quality orthodontics tailored to the individual. Your treatment will be comfortable and efficient, and deliver the confidence-filled smile you deserve!

  • Advanced Orthodontic Technology: We use state-of-the-art imaging, including iTero® Element™ digital scans, for the safest, most accurate and detailed diagnostics and treatment planning.
  • Leading-Edge Treatment Options: In addition to traditional metal braces, White Bear Lake Orthodontics offers clear brackets (braces) and Invisalign® clear aligners, to gently shift teeth into correct position and create great smiles.
  • Beyond Aesthetics: The most obvious result of orthodontic care is a change in one’s appearance and with that a growth in self-esteem. Straight teeth, though, also improve bite and function, decrease stress on the jaw, and are easier to properly brush and floss. Not only will your new smile be bright and beautiful, it will be healthier, too!
  • For All Ages: We welcome everyone to our practice, from children for early or two-phase treatment to their older siblings, parents, and grandparents. Each person is treated with respect and compassion, and provided with treatment that works for their specific clinical and personal needs.
  • Professional Education: Dr. Smith and our staff constantly pursue education on developments in orthodontic methodologies and technologies. Through careful evaluation, we are able to incorporate the best into our practice and into your treatment.
  • Patient and Family Education: Informed patients and families are able to make knowledgeable decisions about their oral health. We enjoy teaching each patient about their treatment, explaining what will happen, why, and what to expect. We also offer education and motivation to strengthen home dental hygiene practices, so you are equipped to keep your new smile healthy and radiant, for life.

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Dr. Smith and our team look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones to our orthodontic family. It will be our pleasure to help you achieve the beautifully healthy and confident smiles you desire!

Please contact our White Bear Lake, MN orthodontic office, serving Lino Lakes, North Oaks, and surrounding areas, to schedule a complimentary consultation. No sales pitch or pressure, we promise: simply clear answers to your questions and a plan to get you to your best smile – comfortably and efficiently; contact us, today!